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Live Cricket is televised nowadays and a lot of people want to watch the cricket game but do not understand it as they feel that it is too technical. Yes it is a technical game but to make a start I have tried to put the game into as simple an explanation as I can. I have been playing and watching cricket now for over 35 years so I do have an excellent grasp of the game. I have put in a page on Cricket Terminology which are words that you will come across when reading this website so I hope this will help.

This site is just to explain the game of cricket with some of the Cricket game rules. Cricket has been played since 1787 going under the name of Maryleborne Cricket Club whose headquarters are at Lord’s Cricket Ground in North LondonEngland.

Cricket can now be watched almost every day due to Online Cricket and Satellite.

There are now different types of the cricket game but for this site I will take as the example the five day test series (most series either five or three test matches). I will be using the male game as my example and although females have finally been recognized and have their own test series I will stick with the male game for this site so my apologies to the ladies.

Below are some of the individual parts of the cricket game which together form the game of cricket.

Cricket Pitch and Field

The pitch and field are two areas which make up the playing area of the game. The Pitch or strip or wicket as it is known is an area of ground 12 meters or 22 yards in length from stumps to stumps and 3.05 meters or 10 feet wide. The field, this is the rest of the area of land which makes up the pitch and field. This area measures 68 meters or 75 yards either side of the pitch.

People in charge

There are three people in charge of the game, they are called umpires. Two stand in the center of the pitch at either end or at the side of the pitch, another umpire will remain in the pavilion to oversee disputes which may arise in the game. The third umpire has a monitor to oversee disputes that arise in the game.

Cricket Players

There are two sets of players known as either sides or teams, consisting of eleven players on either side. Each side has a captain who is responsible for the behavior of his players. The sides consist of players with different skills, these are batsmen, these players are picked for their skill of batting i.e. getting runs. There is one wicket keeper, this player fields behind the wicket. His job is to prevent runs behind the wicket and to either catch or stump the batsman out, he can also run him out. Then there are the bowlers. Their skill is to bowl the opposite side out. They can either be fast bowlers, medium pace or spin bowlers. All the fielding side can be moved around the area of the field into any given position by the captain or bowler, apart from the wicket keeper who stays static behind the wickets.